Hey everyone, here’s the details of our eastern event!


Saturday, April 31
5 PM ET – Easter Egg Hunt and Chocobo Companion Pagent


From Discord #announcements:

(Aine Gemini)

Don’t forget about the awesome NORA Easter Event tomorrow at 5pm EST. We’re going to kick the event off with an Easter ‘Egg’ Hunt. Senior Members of the FC will be hidden in the Central Shroud; your objective is to locate them, and upon being found they will give you an item. Be on the look out for the elusive golden ‘Egg’, which is said to hold the most rare of the treasures hidden within the ‘Eggs’. After all of the Eggs are found and accounted for, we will be holding a Chocobo Pageant, at the Chocobo Farm in Bentbranch Meadows. There will be 3 Categories; Coolest Look, Prettiest Look, and Most Original Look. You can be awarded a maximum of 15 points, in each category. The person with the most points in each category wins.

In the Coolest Look Category, your judges will be judging 1) How well does your Chocobo Color Stand out (to the barding) 2) How good does the Barding look together? 3) How ‘Cool’ is it? For the Prettiest Look Category, they will judge you based on 1) How well does your Chocobo Color Compliment the armor? 2) How well does the Barding compliment each other? 3) How ‘Pretty’ is it? For the Most Original Look, you will be judged on 1) How well does the Chocobo Color look with the Barding overall? 2) How does the Barding Pieces look together? 3) How ‘original’ is it?

Let me make clear that ONLY your COMPANION Chocobo may be entered in the Pageant.

After that, we’ll be doing a Mounted Pageant, where you will mount your Companion Chocobo, and be judged on how you two look together. In this Pageant you will be judged on 1) How well does your Chocobo’s Color go with your Gear Color? 2) How well does the Barding go with your Armor? 3) How do you two look together overall?

The Mounted Pageant will follow the same point system as the Chocobo Pageant.

Notes and Rules: 1) 10 Minutes prior to the start of the Egg Hunt, we will request everyone to vacate the Central Shroud, so that the Senior Members can hide themselves. (Anyone found to be in the Central Shroud, while we’re hiding will be disqualified) 2) Sorrel Haven is restricted. We will only be staying in the low leveled areas of the Central Shroud. DO NOT GO TO SORREL HAVEN LOOKING FOR US, WE WILL NOT BE THERE! 3) You can enter all of the Chocobo Pageant Categories, but only with 1 Barding set, so choose wisely. 4) For the Chocobo Pageant, your Chocobo’s will be summoned beside you, so that the Judges can fully inspect them. Gyshal Greens can be provided if necessary. 5) Have fun!

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